2017 has been an exciting year for Pegasus Food Futures, as we acquired farms in Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah and two sites in Portugal


We recently secured 3.5 hectares of existing farmland in Al-Ajban, where we now have several greenhouses under construction. The farm will predominantly grow mint, along with other herbs, for distribution across the UAE and the first harvest is expected in the next few months. Since the launch of this project in the summer, we have pre-allocated over 50% of the A-Frames to existing investors from our Oman farm.


As of November 2017, seventy hectares of existing farm land and greenhouses have been acquired in Ras Al-Khaimah. We plan to develop this land into our Agricultural City, which will include a Hydroponics Discovery and Educational Centre, a pre-packaging facility for our mixed salad bags and a research and development facility. Our greenhouses will grow a diverse mix of produce such as lettuce, tomatoes, beans, peppers, herbs and other salad items. We anticipate that our first greenhouse will be in production during the first quarter of 2018.

Finally, we have secured two farm sites in Portugal. We will give you a further update on the progress of these projects in our next newsletter.

Pegasus Food Futures Sponsors the Hong Kong Golf Event

In September, Pegasus Food Futures was delighted to sponsor the Annual Cup between Discovery Bay Residents Golf Society (DBRGS) and the Hong Kong Football Club Golf Society.

Discovery Bay’s own YB Rai (pictured far right) captained the Discovery Bay team and Terry Wright, a former All Blacks National, led the Hong Kong Food Club Team.

The match was tightly contested with the DBRGS team winning by one point. We thank all of the team members and the Discovery Bay Golf Club for their participation and support and we are looking forward to sponsoring the DBRGS Annual Championship later this year.

Our New Salad and Fruit Range - United Kingdom

Since this summer, we have been developing our new pre-packed salad and soft fruit range, due to launch in the United Kingdom in early 2018. The fresh produce will be sourced from Pegasus Food Futures Farms in Europe and the UAE. Our first range will include our mixed salad bags and strawberries from Portugal. More to follow…

Proud Sponsors of the Hong Kong Football Club Rugby Section

HKFC is one of the premier sports and social clubs in Asia, with over 3,300 members in Hong Kong.

Our sponsorship of the HKFC Rugby section indirectly helps charities that the club supports, including the Umbrella Foundation for Nepal and some selected Rugby foundations across Asia. These charities focus on development initiatives and junior camps for their communities. We believe it is important for the sport to promote the game and develop grass root players, who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to learn and play rugby.

A night at the Horse Races

In September, we were also delighted to host an evening at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, overlooking the racecourse. Over dinner, we had the opportunity to share with our friends and partners the exciting developments that have shaped 2017 for Pegasus Food Futures. To top off the evening, our raffle saw top prize winners walking away with a two-night cruise and a spa-treatment, but we hear that big was also won on a horse named Pegasus…

Pegasus Food Futures

In May 2017, we launched Pegasus Food Futures which was derived from Pegasus Agriculture. Pegasus Group Holdings will now be the parent company for our business with Pegasus Food Futures as the operating company. Pegasus Food Futures focuses on providing solutions for global food supply challenges through operations and innovations in farming and food production. Pegasus Agriculture still operates out of our Dubai office for our Oman farm and will become a subsidiary of the parent company in early 2018. All other investments, projects and farms will now be under the Pegasus Food Future brand.

During the course of 2018, we will be launching many exciting projects and recruiting new additions to our team globally to strengthen our expertise. Over the coming months, you will also see changes to our website, and along with our newsletters and through our consultants, it will provide regular updates on our developments.

Hydroponic Fact

Crops that are grown using aquaculture techniques do not use a single trace of herbicide or pesticide chemicals therefore it significantly reduces the impact on the environment as well as on our bodies.

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