1950s to 1960s (Hispanic America) by Richard Worth PDF

By Richard Worth

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The Hispanic the United States sequence takes readers on a trip to a spot that was known as the recent global.

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The Hispanic the United States sequence takes readers on a trip to a spot that was known as the recent international.

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They had to live on financial assistance from friends and food from local workers while trying to convince Mexican American laborers to join their organization. While the NFWA was gathering strength, a group of Filipino grape pickers—immigrants from the Philippines who also worked in the California fields— decided to go on strike on September 16, 1965, Mexico’s national independence day. They were protesting low wages and asked the NFWA to join them to give the strike greater power. At first, Chávez hesitated because the NFWA contained only 1,200 members.

But Chávez was convinced that voter registration drives were not enough to improve conditions of migrant workers in the fields. He wanted the CSO to establish a union, which would give the migrant workers more power in deal- A RISING TIDE 29 BERT CORONA Among the men who helped establish the MAPA was Bert Corona. He served as president of the organization in California during the 1960s. Born in El Paso, Texas, in 1918, Corona became a labor organizer in California during the late 1930s. Later he worked for the CSO and became a friend of César Chávez.

Following the riots, the Chicago Commission on Human Rights opened discussions among Puerto Rican residents to consider the discrimination that existed in the city. As a result of the riots and the discussions, Puerto Ricans formed a variety of organizations aimed at combating poor housing conditions, inadequate schools for Hispanic youth, and police brutality in Chicago. Among the groups that participated in these programs was the Young Lords. Founded in 1959 by Orlando Davila, the Young Lords was originally a street gang that had been formed to deal with violence from white gangs against the Puerto Rican community.

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1950s to 1960s (Hispanic America) by Richard Worth

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