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By Wilborn R. Hampton

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A blind guy and his puppy suffering to flee from the burning North Tower, an organization of firefighters risking their lives, a typical citizen became rescue employee — everybody persisted a private nightmare, and every consists of a separate reminiscence. via interviews and debts of survivors, heroes, and terrorists, in addition to his personal tale, professional reporter Wilborn Hampton creates an intimate portrait of existence and loss, and provides a deeper knowing of that tragic day.

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The entire country seemed to be shutting down. President Bush appeared briefly on television from Florida, where he had been visiting a school. But he only repeated what everybody else had already seen. A short time later, it was announced that the president was flying to an air force base in Louisiana rather than returning to Washington. There were reports that other planes had been hijacked, including one that had crashed into a field in southwest Pennsylvania, and that the White House or the Capitol was a target for attack.

But she was gone. Jim had first met Ginger seventeen years earlier at the wedding of a mutual friend in Pittsburgh. No sparks flew immediately, but when they met again at another wedding two years later, Jim asked Ginger for a date. When they started going out, Ginger and Jim did not seem to have a lot in common. Jim, who was born in Baltimore but grew up in Florida, was working for a small law firm. He loved New York. Ginger, who had an electrical engineering degree from Rutgers and was taking night courses at New York University, still lived with her parents in New Jersey while working at Bell Labs.

To Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon, the headquarters of America’s defense department. Then, only minutes later, the thing many people had feared, but had tried not to think about, happened. The South Tower, the one into which the second plane crashed, began to collapse. It came down like a tower of dominoes when someone removes one domino from the middle. Concern immediately grew for its twin, the building that had been hit first. Less than half an hour later, the North Tower tumbled to earth in a mountain of molten rubble.

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