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She released a chilling scream that shook my very bones. " I didn't know what to do. I ran from the room. Grandmother Beverly was already at the top of the stairway. " she asked, her hand on her breast, her face whiter than ever. "She thinks she's in labor. " "Oh dear. dear. We'll have to call the doctor. I was hoping you could calm her down. " she said. Another scream from Mammy spun her around and sent her fleeing down the stairway. Mommy continued to moan. I glanced at my watch. Daddy had to be at his desk.

As long as Mommy was like this. Grandmother Beverly felt the power that comes with being right, predicting accurately and then never letting us forget it. She was practically beating Daddy over the head with this tragedy daily, shoving his face in the reality. washing out his mouth with her soap of truth. The first two nights, he came to the hospital directly from work, looking fatigued, defeated. The market happened to be down, too, and that was depressing him. Some of his best clients were blaming him for his recommendations, he said.

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