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By Mary Laughren

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Lawa, kulaka nantuwu ngapangka karrimi. No, it's not the horse standing in the water. Lesson Two 51 30. Ngapangkanya ka karrimi nantuwu? Is the horse standing in the water? Yuwayi, ngapangka ka karrimi nantuwu. Yes, the horse is standing in the water. Lawa, kulaka ngapangka karrimi nantuwu. No, the horse isn't standing in the water. QU ESTIONS AN D ANSWERS You have just heard some more yes/no questions and answers. Notice the different intonation in question and answer sentences. Notice that the word that is the main focus of the question has the ending +nya attached to it.

The child isn't crying, the woman is. VERBS Warlpiri verbs consist of a stem to which special verb endings are attached, for example, the ending +mi is added to verb stems such as parnka 'run', purla 'shout', wangka 'speak' and the other verbs you have heard so far in this lesson. Unlike other verb endings marking the present form of the verb, +mi can be left off, as you will hear in the next examples. You will find out more about verb endings as the lessons proceed. Listen to these sentences, paying special attention to the verbs, and repeat them (note that these are not numbered on the tape): Kurdu ka pamkami.

E. emphasis, on it than on surrounding words. ' or states that 'The woman shouted,' and you believe that it was the man not the woman who shouted, then you might stress the words underlined in sentence 41 below. In Warlpiri, on the other hand, you can achieve the same effect by placing the established topic, karnta 'woman', immediately after the negative auxiliary kulaka and by putting the newly introduced wati 'man' at the beginning of the following clause or sub-sentence. Warlpiri also uses little endings such as +nya which can be attached to a word to mark it as a special topic or focus as seen in the yes/no question sentences 13-21 on pages 34 and 35.

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