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By Kaj Illomen

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Kaj Ilmonen used to be a pioneer within the 3rd wave of the sociology of intake. This book provides a balanced review of the sociology of intake, arguing that the passion of 'the 3rd wave' exaggerated the function of the symbolic and imaginary on the rate of the materiality of human societies.

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Klein 2000). Rather than upholding freedom of exchange, these economies are imposing a necessity of exchange: in order to live people have no option but to sell their labour power. The workings of the modern global economy, its ‘China (or India or Brazil) phenomenon’, structural unemployment and monopolistic tendencies all go to show just how far removed Friedman’s thinking is from economic reality, and was so even in the 1980s. Even then, he was unable to justify the linkage between markets and freedom, on the one hand, and the state and coercion, on the other.

As the above implies, it is more than credible that economics might not always even be trying to create models that reflect reality and to use them to make realistic predictions. Instead what it is doing is to use its baseline assumptions and models to demonstrate how the economy can be made to work in the way it thinks it should work and to shape the economy accordingly (Dean 1999, 58). Of course, this is no novel discovery. indd 31 11/3/2010 1:38:35 AM A Social and Economic Theory of Consumption himself with representations of economics.

Granovetter’s approach is true to present-day reality, if we are to believe network research. Its implications for neo-liberal economic theory are profound. That theory is based on the assumption of calculating and mutually independent market agents. In the network-society model, on the other hand, it is this very premise that requires explanation (Callon 1999, 186). How does this calculating anonymous agent come about – what motives drive this agent? In the search for an answer it must be borne in mind that there is no clear and straightforward association between the actions of the network member and network position, as Ronald Burt (1993, 63–103) observes in his studies of the windows of opportunity offered by the network.

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