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Spatial dimensions must be safely captured if modelling and engineering innovations are to be effectively utilized in addressing environmental difficulties. The hyperlinks among the geographical info structures (GIS) that catch this information, simulation modelling, and engineering supply large chances for development flexible help structures for dealing with the surroundings.

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Baer, J. G . J. Purusit. 26, 127-34. Baer, J. G. (1946). ” 232 pp. F. Rouge et Cie, Lausanne. Baer, J. G. (1947). Ann. Sci. Franche-Comte. Besanqon 2, 99-1 13. Baer, J. G . (1950). Rev. suisse 2001. 57, 553-59. Baer, J. G . (1951). “Ecology of Animal Parasites”, 224 pp. University of Illinois Press, Urbana. Baer, J. G . (1957). In “First Symposium on Host Specificity among Parasites of Vertebrates’’, pp. 270-92. Institut de Zoologie, University of Neuchltel, Neuchltel, Switzerland. Basir, M. A.

It is also probable that we should consider the monotremes as modified therapsid reptiles which had developed some of the characteristics which we, as biologists, consider distinguish the modern mammals from the modern reptile. The evolution of birds has progressed along parallel lines but has not diverged so much. Birds are merely feathered reptiles, the other modifications we associate with them being the consequence of their activities. g. to insulate the skin and prevent heat loss. Flight feathers came later-in some birds possibly never, although some, like the kiwi, have obviously lost those which their ancestors possessed.

The blepharoplast extends into the reservoir and is separated from the axoneme by a basal plate. The site of the flagellar vacuole is occupied by transparent spaces associated with Golgi material. It is evident that the electron-microscope study of Leishmania is still in its infancy. There is no unanimity as to terminology, details and interpretation. Even so it has provided valuable information on the morphology of the leishmanias, particularly on the structure of the flagellum and kinetoplasts, which could not have been obtained by other means.

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