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By Chris Wilcox, Chere Gruver

ISBN-10: 1593746571

ISBN-13: 9781593746575

"We should not now, nor have we ever been, by myself in this planet." With these phrases, the President of the USA finds to the area the lifestyles of the Æthereal, the approximately immortal beings who function guardians opposed to the grey threat. Is humanity able to percentage their international with actual fire-breathing dragons? for plenty of common people like Danny Trasker, their lives are grew to become the wrong way up as they turn into companions with the Guardians. For terrorists, the revelation of the Æthereals is a decision for jihad.

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He had added the extra suite because he had known that someday, he would find a partner who would eventually also have a mate. There were even more rooms for any children the future might bring. Danny was floored by the idea of children but not in a negative way. Some day, he would love to have children with Katarina. But for now, there were worlds to explore. And that reminds me; I need to replace my camera equipment! When he broached the subject to Forrest, he was given a credit card in his name.

Still in dragon form, the AEthereal began digging, their massive clawed feet hurling dirt and rock at a prodigious rate. Boulders, some weighing as much as a ton or more, were ported away in the blink of an eye. But even the mighty AEthereal required several long hours of labor to begin to reach down to the level where the camp had been. ' All the others in that area began to assist in excavating that spot. As more debris was removed, it became apparent that what they had found had been one of the individual shelters.

Borland sat down with the team to discuss their findings and to outline a special project he wanted them to undertake. He handed them a set of drawings detailing a tiny filigree cage to enclose a small sphere the size of a five millimeter ball bearing. The cage would also have a tiny wire of extruded filigree extending outward exactly seven millimeters. He refused to answer any questions about the purpose of the object, other than to tell them it was to support the Guardians. The team examined the diagrams, exclaiming about the tiny tolerances.

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