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Presents the most up-tp-date info at the humans, tradition, And Conflicts Of Afghanistan. Maps, images, And different textual content positive factors support To help figuring out.

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Embassies in Africa killing more than 200 people. The next terrorist training camps where thousands of non-Afghan Muslims learned how to fight. Some trained 30 Terrorists train in Afghanistan. This image comes from a video alQaeda made to recruit more fighters. DESTROYING HISTORY The Taliban believed Islam was the only true religion. They opposed other religions. In March, the world was shocked to see the Taliban destroy a great piece of Afghan history in the name of religion. For almost 1,500 years, two stone statues of the Buddha stood near a cliff in Bamiyan.

Guns also offered protection Americans wouldn’t attack against drug lords. Drug lords had if innocent people were nearby. became rich selling opium and wanted to protect their business at THE FUTURE OF AFGHANISTAN any cost. As 2008 began, the United States Some tribal leaders in small villages felt no one listened to their made plans to send an extra 3,200 troops to Afghanistan. concerns. S. or NATO attacks accidentally killed civilians. But the Taliban and al-Qaeda chose to live near civilians, hoping the 40 Since the end of Taliban rule, Afghan girls of all ages can now go to school.

But the Taliban and al-Qaeda chose to live near civilians, hoping the 40 Since the end of Taliban rule, Afghan girls of all ages can now go to school. Some women, however, still face limits on what they can do in public. S. and its allies still send their cities, and the continuous aid to Afghanistan. They want fighting makes it hard for the UN to build a strong democratic and other groups to get aid to the government there. They do not poor. The troubles also keep want the country to be controlled several million children from going by the Taliban or other terrorist to school.

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