African Americans and the Civil War (The Civil War: a Nation by Ronald A. Reis PDF

By Ronald A. Reis

ISBN-10: 1604130385

ISBN-13: 9781604130386

This ebook tells of the contribution of African americans to the reason for the Union within the American Civil warfare. at the start kept away from, loose blacks and ex-slaves ultimately donned uniforms and fought in additional than four hundred battles. regardless of blatant prejudice and discrimination, they proved their valour and contributed highly to the luck of the Union.

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North and South, they rushed to join up. 4 The African American in Arms A t the outbreak of the Civil War there were fewer than 17,000 men in the “regular” standing Army of the United States. Since the nation’s founding, most fighting units throughout the country actually had been state militias. Every ­able-­bodied white male between the ages of 18 and 45 was responsible for military service. Most of the state units formed were called “volunteer” forces, a source of pride to the men serving. These volunteer companies selected their own officers, designed their own uniforms, drilled at their own time and place, and turned out for civic parades.

Free or former (contraband) slaves, Butler ­ didn’t care. “Better soldiers never shouldered a musket,” he wrote 30 years later, as quoted in The Louisiana Native Guards. ” Such praise aside, the general’s prejudices came through when he chose to add, “They learned to handle arms and to march more rapidly than most intelligent white men, because from childhood up, the word of command had been implicitly and abjectly obeyed by the Negro. ” Black recruits poured in. By November, Butler had put together two more regiments, the 2nd and 3rd Native Guards.

The Department of War notified the general that he had no approval to raise a black unit. ” By the time the federal government accepted the services of Lane’s black regiment, its troops had already seen combat. Clearly, the line was blurring between ­African-­American contraband who would build forts and haul supplies and those freed slaves ready to take up arms, either to protect forts or seek out the enemy. Bit by bit, black men were enlisting to preserve the Union, and, soon enough, free their enslaved brethren.

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