Pegasus Food Futures successfully sponsored the very first Corporate Golf Challenge organised by Saadiyat Beach Golf Club. Graced by a mix of participating teams from Pegasus Food Futures as well as other esteemed guests, everyone enjoyed some friendly competition as players anticipated the tournament ending with prizes and giveaways.

CEO of Pegasus Food Futures, James Ellender, also shared his insightful remarks at the event, wherein he highlighted, “Good health is all about lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle leads to happy habits. While golfing reminds us of the many ways to remain physically active, we should also be mindful of our food intake. We at Pegasus Food Futures aim to sustain the natural state of nutrients in our products by cultivating well-rounded produce amidst this region’s arid lands, and of course, securing fresh, healthy, enjoyable and nutritious food served to your plates for today and for the generations ahead.”

The tournament’s 1st placer accepts winning vouchers from both Saadiyat and Pegasus Food Futures

The 18-hole golf challenge concluded with golf vouchers worth AED 1,000 awarded to the winning team, AED 750 for the 2nd placers and AED 500 for the 3rd placers. Raffle prizes for a Golf Weekend and Tee Time were also given away, after a sumptuous dinner buffet. Served throughout the event, too, was Dive Coconut Water, a refreshing crowd pleaser by Pegasus Food Futures’ FMCG company, Mahmood Almas Food & Beverage.

Dive into nature. Players and staff enjoy hydrating with Pegasus Food Futures’ refreshing Dive Coconut Water.

With this event’s success, Pegasus Food Futures will organize more related educational social gatherings, inspiring and taking investors and consumers alike through the journey to food security and sustainability. From implementing technological advancement in agriculture such as hydroponics, the company has evolved through the years and now has also ventured to different markets like FMCG where Kale, a superfood, was recently launched as part of their production line.

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